Donnay Bjorn Borg BJ Ceramic Midsize Mid MS 85 GC L3

RARE Donnay Borg Ceramic Midsize
Good condition
For auction is a RARE Donnay Borg Ceramic midsize tennis racket and original cover in very good condition. A CLASSIC and timeless player's racket. Made in 1986 with a MSRP of $130. T are many Donnay versions, but this is one of the more RARER versions. A demanding player's racket with 85 sq in head size. Timeless player racket characteristics of- moderate weight 12.4 oz, head light balance, dense 18 x 20 string pattern, standard length and constant beam width. Bumper has scrapes & scratches. Sides are in fair condition with scrapes, scratches and some chips and t See pictures. Overall in good condition, a solid 7. 4 3/8" grip size. Has new Prince MicroTac overgrip.
FEATURES: Ceramic / graphite for FEEL & dampening; narrow constant beam for flexibility, midsize head for a more uniform response; Dense 18 X 20 string pattern for control; Heavy weight 12+ oz for stability and 'plow through'; Head Light balance for maneuverability. Pics to be posted soon.
Donnay Borg Ceramic Midsize Specifications:
Headsize: ~85 sq in/ 548 sq cm
Length: 27 in / 69 cm
Weight: 12.4 oz / 351 gms
Construction: 19mm Constant Beam
Balance: Head Light
Composition: Graphite / Ceramic composite
Stiffness: Flexible
String tension: 58-62 lbs
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