YOU CHOOSE THE SIZE (Small, Medium, or Large)
Donnie Darko Fans,
Happy Halloween 2008 everybody. I'll cut right to the chase...this is one of the coolest costumes ever. Why? Well, it's the same make & model of the skeleton costume worn by Donnie Darko in the soon-to-be cult classic, Donnie Darko .
What you are bidding on is a BRAND NEW skeleton costume, (according to the package, a Small fits a jacket size of 34-36, a Medium fits a jacket size of 38-40, a Large fits a jacket size of 42-44). If you win, you choose which size I send you...simple as that. If you're as big a fan of the film as I am, you already know how awesome and unique this costume is. These are EXTREMELY RARE and HARD TO FIND. To be honest, I'm not even sure if they are made anymore (the film is set in the 80's). They're very hard to come by, making this is the perfect gift or treat for any Donnie Darko fan, or for yourself.
This past Halloween, I saw a couple of these babies going for $300+ during the week prior, so get it now while it's still off-season. They're in extremely HIGH demand, and one can see's just so cool! Just so you know, Donnie's signature gray sweatshirt is NOT'll have to find one yourself (which should be much easier than finding this skeleton costume)! The winner of this
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