Don't Spit on Sidewalk Brick 1890-1910 Rare Item

This is in great condition. It was beginning to rain when I took the picture so t is a spot of water on the front. Great addition to anyones collection. Any questions or for more pictures please just ask. Check out the history of these bricks made in Coffeyville Kansas!! Also listed is a Coffeyville brick and I can ship these together. Don't Spit on Sidewalk Brick Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine of Dodge City was one of the leading figures in the field of public health in the early 20th century. Born in Pennsylvania in 1862, Crumbine came to Ford County, Kansas, in the 1880s to practice medicine. Beginning in 1904, he served as secretary of the Kansas State Board of Health for twenty years. Crumbine was concerned about the spread of tuberculosis and other diseases and campaigned for their prevention. He became particularly concerned after observing tuberculosis patients spitting on the floor of a train. Crumbine was especially moved to act after watching one of these patients take a drink from a public drinking cup; he then observed a mother giving her child a drink from the same cup without first rinsing it. Crumbine's public health crusade argued for pure food and drugs, elimination of houseflies and rats, water and sewage sanitary control, and the prevention of tuberculosis. He succeeded in abolishing the common drinking cup, the common ... read more