Dormeyer Food Fixer Mixer Model 4200 W/Accessories 40's

Offered for auction is this wonderful old Dormeyer Food-Fixer Mixer, Model 4200. I was told this dates from the late 40's & early 50's. This mixer is in BEAUTIFUL CONDITION! It is rare to see one this old in such GREAT SHAPE! It also works GREAT! It is VERY clean - even the cord is still very pliable and doesn't show the normal hardening & cracking. Frankly, it doesn't appear to have been used much! T are two metal beaters, also in great condition! T is a large white ceramic bowl (measures 9 1/4" in diameter) - also very nice - no chips or cracks. In addition, t is a metal meat grinder/vegetable shredder set that attaches to the front of the mixer. This set consists of the meat grinding attachment, with a wooden pestle; a shredding attachment with two different blades; and the metal wedge/piece that is used to "push down" the food into the grinder. All of these attachments are remarkably clean - again, they appear to have been used little - if at all! Check out the pictures!!!!!!

A wonderful addition to your Vintage Kitchen - or a great mixer to use!

Thanks for looking!