Dotty Daniels-"Play Me a Sad Song" 1963 Original AMY SOUL 45 PROMO PAUL SIMON!

For Sale...Dotty Daniels ORIGINAL PROMO 45rpm-"Play Me a Sad Song" b/w "I Wrote You a Letter". Amy#885. 1963. Amy 2-sided Soul Ballads produced by Jerry Landis(aka Paul Simon)! Condition of Vinyl--VG, names written on label. Shipping is $3.00 First Class in the US, $4.00 to Canada, $5.00 to anywhere else in the world. See our grading system for details. Note: Records are graded visually.
Mint-We Do Not Grade Anything as Mint, regardless if the LP is still sealed.
Near-Mint-1 or less surface scratches, plays well, nice overall.
VG++-Couple minor surface scuffs or scratches, plays well overall.
VG+-Couple minor surface scratches and/or scuffs, plays well with minimal popping at most.
VG-A few or several minor, or somewhat minor scratches, most will be surface, others might be deeper, but shouldn't skip or stick.
VG- Several scratches, some may be deeper, may or may not skip during play, usually only sold due to rarity.
G-Usually only sold due to rarity, several or many scratches some deeper than others, may have a skip or 2, a "play copy" to be sure, or just great to have due to rarity.