Double Bass size 3/4 + SixRounds rockabily recoil pick up + cover

I'm selling my Double Bass, size 3/4. I bought it because I wanted to learn jazz with it. I also have the SixRounds Rockabily recoil pick up (payed $150 on it's own). It has 2 piezo to reproduce slapping as well. It's been hardly used for the last 2 years. It has several scratches and dents. The paint on the neck is fading away due to playing. It does not look like a new instrument, but rather appears like having had a life, which is normal for a 5 year learning instrument. I added a couple of pictures showing the scratches on the side, picture #2 shows the worst part, player side. Then another picture showing paint fading away on neck due to finger slapping on fingerboard. No sound alteration!
It will also come with a heavy duty synthetic soft cover .
This would make an ideal start for a beginner.
Low starting price!
. Pay cash on collection in Muswell Hill, London (N10).