Double Camouflage by Joel Fisher - 1/100 edition, Self-published, c.1970 - Rare

A self-published artist's book held by The Museum of Modern Art, NY, and National Gallery of Art Library. Printed for "Double Camouflage," Mansfield, Ohio, October 3 - 25, circa 1970. 71 numbered pages in side-grip acco-binder. 9" x 11 ½". Copy number 86. Near Fine condition. Text based works with the following headings: "Anonymity"; "Answers"; "Ashes"; "Beans"; "Blood"; "Break/Breaking"; "Burning"; "Cherry"; "Co-Inherence"; "Crosby Street"; "Chronology"; "Coal"; "Conclusion"; "Delight"; "Dollar Bill"; "Drawing Multiples"; "Duality"; "Edges"; "Establishment"; "Facts"; "Felt"; "Food"; "Gemini"; "Ground"; "Hearing"; "Hear"; "Identity"; "Index of the Year"; "Indication"; "Insides"; "Introduction"; "Ray Johnson"; "Lemon"; "Light"; "Lists"; "Mail Project"; "Major Forces"; "Marshmallows"; "Mastication"; "Matches"; "Meat"; "Money"; "Painting"; "Paper"; "People"; "Poison Ivy"; "Possibilities"; "Postcard"; "Primaries"; "Printing Press"; "Receipt"; "Regroupings"; "Ritual"; "Rubber Stamps"; "St. Adrian Company"; "Salt"; "Salvation"; "Secret"; "Situation"; "Sixteen"; "Sky"; "Something Artificial"; "Sources"; "Statement"; "Tickets"; "Tips"; "Translations"; "Witness"; "Steve Woolfe"; and "Words." Includes an appendix with "Mail Project," and facsimile letter from Marcia Tucker to Joel Fisher printed on Whitney Museum letterhead. Also, includes

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