Double Deck Iced Out Mouth Teeth Gold Grillz BOTTOM

You are bidding on the hottest Stainless steel universal grillz. The mold is included. Insert the wax molding that is supplied with the grill on to the grill, heat water in microwave for 1 minute insert the grill with the wax molding into the water for about 10 to 15 seconds the wax should turn into a clear color thats when its ready. Remove it from the water and insert on your teeth. Keep it in your mouth for about one minute take it out and the wax should be molded to the grill and your teeth. These are the best quality grillz on the market. They all include mold that could be customized for your teeth and easy to read instructions. It does not matter if your teeth are straight, crooked, long, short, or no teeth at all, they will fit. Specifications: *The best of the Best of austrian crystal. *Customize flex bar. *Flex fit grillz (all shapes an Size of any teeth) *So go and get YO Shine ON! -Description- Our Grillz come in Stainless steel with stones. One size fits all. Mold and detailed instructions are included . It's just a minute away to get your own grillz. No more waiting for the molding and hassells. They do fit very well and they don't hurt your teeth or gums. -Advantage of stainless Steel- 1.Stainless Steel material. 2.The superior plating of nickel free RH.IPG which doesn't harm your body. 3.It's different with another ... read more