Beautiful Double Handle Daffodil Baskets" ~ Penny Rug Runner ~ Candle Mat

I love daffodils. . .these beauties are blooming in my yard right now and they are beautiful. . .they just speak spring to me. . .this 13 1/2" x 6 1/2" runner style penny rug is a pretty one. . .daffodil color that pops against a black background and space in the center that accommodates a large jar candle. . .penny rug is done in black felted woolfelt with the backing also black. . .an ecru decorative running stitch is done on the scalloped edge framing the piece quite nicely. . .the double handle baskets are very realistic. . .they are done in a 100% felted herringbone wool in tan/cream. . .a perfect woolen for basketwork. . .the handles and rim are done in tan felted woolfelt. . .the handles look like you could raise them but they are stitched down. . .tiny black buttons are stitched to the handles. . .the daffodils are done in yellow felted woolfelt with little flower buds in between them done in cotton candy pink and lavender felted woolfelt. . .sage green dmc floss is used for the handstitched greenery. . . beautiful quality handmade item. . .this is my own design and done entirely by hand by me. . .please see my excellent feedback for penny rugs - many wonderful and LOVED repeat buyers who keep me stitching

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