double shaft short flat can-motor 1830-Efficient-Powerful

This is for the motor only not the chassis--I had some beautiful closeup pictures but the ebay beaurocracy police put red exclamation points on my pictures and I had to remove them.

It is a single high quality double shaft Motor with precision bearings and the high power magnets give unbelievable smooth performance at low speeds. This motor is 18 mm wide by 20 mm high by 30 mm long. The shaft will burn your finger if you try to stop it because the magnets are powerful. It will start and turn at a few milliamps!! It will work at less than 100 milliamps!!!

This motor is 18 mm wide by 20 mm high by 30 mm long. I also have the athearn stock motors with flywheels.See other listing

This is a very high quality 12v. CAN MOTOR for those who want to upgrade your old open frame motors to a modern Can type for improved performance...This is very high quality motor for all models..silent running, stay cool, deliver high tourque & RPM at low current will fit medium to large steam locomotives and diesels This is extremely important when you go to DCC operation as the old motors just draw way too many amps for the decoders...modern cans draw a fraction of the amps as the old open frame type motors.. These are hard to find in double shafts from the factory and business is slow in the summer so they will get
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