Douglas A-26 "Invader" Ferry Tank Fuel Gauge

This is an original fuel gauge for the ferry fuel tank in a Douglas A-26 Invader attack bomber. This gauge was used to measure the amount of fuel in a special tank which was placed temporarily in the Invader s bomb bay during long range ferrying operations: for instance in ferrying the aircraft from the US to the European Theater of Operations. For this reason, this particular gauge is very rare, as it was only installed for ferry flights so t were not as many required as t were aircraft built.It is likely that this gauge was used in several different Invaders over the course of its operational life. Now it is offered for you collection of original Invader memorabilia.

The gauge was made by General Electric. It is a standard 3 1/8" diameter, and in fair condition. T are no noticeable dings in the body, but t are some minor paint abrasions on the mounting ring. The rear bell housing has a black crinkle finish in good condition with little if any surface abrasions. The glass bezel is very clean, and unmarked. The instrument dial is beautifully clear and not flaking and has the really attractive and more desirable, white and green text too. The instrument measures to just under 700 gallons of fuel.

The beauty of aircraft fuel gauges, over other cockpit instruments is that you can always be sure which aircraft type
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