Douglas A3D Skywarrior Gold Etching by R.G. Smith 1973

McDonnell Douglas A3D Skywarrior

"X A3D-1 (1952) & EKA-3B Skywarrior" ~ 1973

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of the Skywarrior's Maiden Flight ~ 1952

Gold Foil Etching


R.G. Smith

The Aircraft

The original Skywarrior was a fully carrier operational bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons or conventional weapons to long range targets at high speeds. Since her original introduction into the fleet, she has proudly and effectively served in the roles of strategic bomber, electronic reconnaissance, photo reconnaissance, tactical airborne tanker, trainer, active electronic warfare, VIP transport, and airborne test and evaluation platform. In each role she has never failed to produce superior results reflecting great credit to her designers, builder and operators.

About the Artist

My grandfather, R. G. Smith, began his career as an engineer for Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1930's, and played a key role in the design of many successful tactical airplanes for 50+ years. Along the way he developed world class skills as an aviation artist. He is counted among the greatest aviation artists in the history of aviation.

The Etching

Exquisitely Double Matted in Gold & Cream Boarders

Mounted on Foam Board

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