Douglas Fairbanks 1915 "DOUBLE TROUBLE" Scene Still #1

S-DOUBLETROUBLE-001. Offered is an 8x10 copy still (not a vintage original still) from the silent film comedy DOUBLE TROUBLE , produced by Triangle in 1915 and starring Douglas Fairbanks . The image features a wonderful medium shot of Fairbanks (in a dual role as Florian Amidon and Eugene Brassfield) happily hugging his man servant. Double Trouble was Fairbanks' second film which came on the heels of his very first film appearance in The Lamb (1915) . Measuring 7-1/2 x 9-1/2, the still was printed by the National Film Archive and bears the archive's rubber stamp on the back. It has a very thin outer white border and is in near pristine condition with virtually no flaws.

Double Trouble (Triangle, 1915)
Directed by William Christy Cabanne

Cast: Douglas Fairbanks (Florian Amidon/Eugene Brassfield) Richard Cummings (Judge Blodgett) Olga Grey (Madame Leclaire) Margery Wilson (Elizabeth Waldron) Gladys Brockwell (Daisy Scarlett) Monroe Salisbury W. E. Lowery Tom Kennedy Kate Toncray Lillian Langdon

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