Downtown Deco HO Scale New Gone Bust Block! Craftsman Kit

New Years Special! Save $5 + I'll throw in one of our Fat Lou's kits (a $35 value) at no extra charge. 2 kits for the price of 1!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so take time to check these out....this isn't an ordinary dime a dozen plastic kit like you see on every other layout, this kit is something special. You just have to ask yourself, "Do I want my layout to look like every other guy's I see in the magazines or do I want to make my layout look unique?

Our first brand new HO Scale kit in a long time! An ode to failure, what better way to show the passage of time than to showcase a block of down on their luck stores ? The only thing missing is a CB radio shop. : ) This kit features hydrocal castings (new master patterns chock full of all of the character & detail you've come to expect from me), full color signs, plastic doors & windows, faux razor wire and completely illustrated, easy to understand assembly, painting & aging instructions. I like to see people have fun with my kits & have them happy with the results so if any where along the way you've got a question or problem you are welcome to call me directly at my shop & I'll be glad to help you. Approx 12" x 6". Figures/vehicles not included.


Randy Pepprock

Downtown Deco