DPA 4060 4061 Wireless Omni Microphone Lavalier

Ok guys, here's the deal- These are the last of those in off of a closed show. These mics have all seen various levels of use, most have failed at the strain relief and/or have shorts. All are beige colored. All have darker coloring on them from blending, like in the picture, which can be removed easily enough. All have caps, but only 1 beige, 3 have black caps. All of them would need re-connectored, or need some type of repair before use.

These were tested before coming in, and were shorted, so I'm offering them all completely 'AS-IS' . Grab-bag style again. The 'Buy it Now' is for 1 Mic.

If you're good at working on these, or you don't mind spending around 75 bucks to send one back to DPA for a new connection, or can clip 'em and put your own connection on, then here ya go. They do sell for over $400 new so realize that even with a new connector, you're getting these for half-price or less.

Shipping for multiple mics will be the same as shipping for 1.

Thanks for looking.