Dr. Chase's Recipes, Information For Everybody, Dr. A.W. Chase, MD, 1872

Up for auction is a cool recipe book for all kinds of things....hey, this will be the neatest cookbook in your collection! This is Dr. Chase's Recipes, or Information For Everybody. The book was published by R.A. Beal in Ann Arbor, Michigan. First printed in 1867, this is the seventieth edition from 1872. Let's take a look at why this book was so popular 150 years ago. The chapters are broken up into departments within the book, and there are practical bits of advice and recipes and procedures that suit each of the departments. There is Merchants and Grocers Department, with recipes for vinegar, how to sex eggs, increase laying, and of course to fry eggs (the recipe), and calculate interest, how to detect counterfeit money, etc. There is a farriers department, blacksmith's department (how to silverplate something), a cabinet maker's department, painter's department, medical department (a great recipe for toad ointment...see last photo...I think we should try some!), and even a saloon department....which contains recipes for beer...and of course, bakers and cooking department with recipes like those you would have in your kitchen of long ago. A most unusual recipe book. A must have for any library! This book is cool entertainment. You will get a kick out of it, and you might learn some interesting facts and procedures that will still ... read more