Nice Dr. Grabow Hillcrest bent Dublin-shape 113 clean

Nice, lightly used Hillcrest bent Dublin(shape 113). The Hillcrests were made in the mid 90's to use up the larger blocks of briar that had accumulated over the years at the Sparta,NC factory. Most Hillcrests are larger than most other Grabows.It is 5 1/2 long,bowl is 2" tall,1 1/2" wide at the rim and has a bore of 13/16". Stem is Lucite and near perfect.It can be smoked with or without a filter.Stand not included.This pipe is clean and ready to smoke.
All of the pipes I have listed and others to come are from my personal collection.I've decided I have to darn many and need to "thin the herd".A good many of the pipes I will be listing are no longer in production and haven't been made since the mid 80's to early 90's. While I like the current production Dr. Grabows I prefer the older pipes made from the early 30's to the early 90's.Many of these I have never smoked (I smoke mostly the filtered pipes),just shined them up and let them sit on the shelf.Most will cleaned and ready to smoke. Some I have refinished/restored,some will be NOS unsmoked and others are just as I got them. Free shipping in USA--all others actual cost.Check out my other items !