DR NGE-10 'Neon Green' Neon Electric strings 10-46

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A Brand New & Fresh set of DR
Neon Glow electric guitar strings.

Neon Phosphorescent
Medium gauge 'Neon Green' (NGE-10)
1 - 0.010"
2 - 0.013"
3 - 0.017"
4 - 0.026"
5 - 0.036"
6 - 0.046"

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DR quote -
DR Neon Strings are the second in DR's SuperStrings series. In natural light and stage light these strings sparkle brightly. Under ultraviolet black light, they appear to Glow!
Made from Nickel Plated Steel, these super bright colors are designed to sound clear, bright and musical.


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Neon Green
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