DRAGON ARMOR /72 IJA Type 97 "Chi-Ha" 14th Tank Company Jeju-do 1945 60435


Dragon ArmorThis line features static pre-assembled, pre-painted models made of both diecast and plastic. Each item is fully detailed and historically accurate.

The Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank that Dragon Armor previously released was a very popular item. An extra version of this 1/72 scale tank is being added to the collection’s Japanese tank fleet in the form of a Late-Production variant. The Type 97 was Japan’s most widely produced medium tank of WWII. Boasting a short-barreled 57mm main gun and two Type 97 machine guns, this tank was intended to serve as an up-scaled version of the Type 95 for infantry support. Armor protection was modest on this vehicle. A total of 2,123 tanks were produced from 1938-43, although 930 of these were of the improved version featuring a higher-velocity 47mm gun. The tank could move at a speed of 38km/h.
The Chi-Ha was used in combat in Manchuria and China, as well as fighting against the Allies. The new Dragon Armor model portrays a vehicle belonging to the 14th Independent Tank Company of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). This unit was hastily formed right at the end of WWII in response to fears of an invasion from the north by the Soviet Red Army. The 1/72 scale model depicts a tank deployed on Jeju Island (part of present-day South Korea) south of the

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