DRAGON KEEP Marty Sculpture - SQUIRT Moodkeeper Dragon

1988 DRAGON'S KEEP - Moodkeeper Dragon
This auction is for one of the Moodkeepers - SQUIRT
About 4-1/4 inches high
Includes Original 1988 Hang Tag

"SQUIRT" #5108
The Crying Dragon. Squirt's the best crier we know. So when you're sad, don't cry - let Squirt do it for you!
Holds a Broken Crystal in his paws.

NOTE: Coloring on the Belly and face areas of these figurines, actually has a lttle more peachy or flesh tone to it than the photos show. Flash seems to have taken away some of the flesh tone. The detail work, translucent skin tones and shading on these Early Dragon Keep figurines from 1988 & 1989 is exquisite!

DRAGON KEEP. A secret land far, far away. A mystical land w surprising creatures have surprising features. This is w the Faeries of Gladdin raise their magical dragons.
Not evil, fire-breathing dragons - but kind and helpful dragons. Gentle dragons. Playful dragons. Friendly dragon brothers and sisters from fine dragon families.
Each family is the keeper of a different kind of power. And each dragon is the keeper of its own special magic.
These, then, are the good dragons of Dragon Keep. Be kind to them, give them safe homes, and keep them close to their beloved crystals. For if you do all that, they most surely will share their magic with you.

The whimsical dragons

This RETIRED Figurine has a Green Felt Bottom with an Oval Purple Tag that has the Dragon's Keep Line Picture on it from Marty Sculptures, Inc., Williston, VT. Also has a oval White Name tag with Number and year on Bottom.
Pink Hang tag also has Williston, VT address on it.

Condition: Repaired (Tail and one Finger) - Kept in a Non-Smoking Household. No Box You may view large, close-up photos of the repairs : /squirt.htm

Note: This is the only figurine that I am offering, that has been damaged - All others are Excellent.

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