Dragon's Blood Jasper Dragon Stone Australia! Strength!

Dragon's Blood Jasper Dragon Stone Australia! Strength!

Description :

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~~Dragon Blood Jasper / Dragon Stone~~


Dragon Blood Jasper comes from Australia. It is a mixture of several minerals which include a deep green colored Chrysocolla, and Cuprite (the red). I have read it also may contain Fuchsite, a Chromium Mica. The green represents the Dragon's skin, the red the blood. In local folklore this stone is said to make one strong enough to fight and slay the mythical dragon! Robert Simmons, co-author of "The Book of Stones" writes of Dragon Blood Jasper: "It is a stone of with a strong pattern of physical vitality, capable of bringing more energy into the auric field and the physical self. It resonates with the heart chakra, calling forth the gentle strengths of love, forgiveness, and compassion-the only energies that can tame the inner dragon."

I found these stones in Tucson at a new vendor from Australia. They immediately spoke to me. I felt their gentle strength and determination. I feel very centered when I hold this stone. I haven't had a chance to work with them much, but I get the sense these will be wonderful healing stones.

This is an extra large stone!
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