DRAGON'S LAIR /1 & 2 mini bartop ARCADE machine SPACE ACE Mortal Kombat 720

Hello all and welcome to the listing for the latest addition to my "Playable Art" series. "The Mini Dragon". This Classic Laserdisc game came out in 1983 and was immediately a huge hit that was such a step above and beyond in graphics display compared to previous game technology. I remember begging my mom for "2" quarters because it required twice the money of previous games. It was pretty high end and I was hooked! The decision to create this cabinet was easy for me. The execution, however, was not as easy. There are many versions of this game that have come out on many platforms over the years. It required extensive research and planning. The highest quality best versions of the Don Bluth's Dragons Lair/Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp/Space Ace Laser disc Games id the 20th Anniversary Box Set by Digital Leisure. It has best digital graphics display and extra features including extras scenes and game play cut from the original. The disc set is for PS2 so I then had to configure an arcade cabinet to play PS2 with arcade controls on an LCD monitor....As you can see in photos, the result was a major success. I was playing as Dirk trying to save my Princess and now I want to offer this work of art to others.

This will be my third mini Dragons Lair and they keep getting better. The photos in this listing are for a machine that was sold
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