Dreamcatcher 5" Authentic Native American Navajo #01

5" Dreamcatcher

Made with plum purple colored leather on a 5" diameter hoop.

Delicate, finely woven web is made from natural colored (brown) imitation sinew, and has 1 turquoise chunk bead woven in.

Natural gray colored domestic duck pointer feathers.

Feathers are attached to the dreamcatcher by crimped tin cones, and round brass & round purple glass crow beads.

Braided imitation sinew hanging strap.

Overall hanging length is approx. 16"

Native American made by Navajo artist Ivan Lewis

* Comes with certificate of authenticity which includes artist name and census number

Tag has explanation of the legend of the dream catcher which says:

Originated in the 1850's by the woodland Indians. Its purpose is to catch good and bad dreams. The good dreams are preserved in the middle and spread to the feathers for keeping. Bad dreams are caught in the webbing and can be removed by blowing smoke on the dreamcatcher. Hang in your window & enjoy.

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