Thousands of people showed up to the St. John Arena at Ohio State University in Columbus to hear Barack speak, and the "Buckeyes for Obama" were excited to hear him.

Barack Obama is the man and this was the third rally that I went to in Ohio. I actually took the day off work.

The day was Wednesday 02/27/2008.

I drove 3 hours in the snow the night before. I had to watch the Cleaveland debate before we were off. I had 4 hours of sleep before my stand in line which began at 6:00am.

Let me remind you that this wait was not easy it was 19 degrees, cold, snowy etc...

The doors opened at 8:30 and would you believe I almost had to sit in a high balcony seat until I ran into someone that had a few extra tickets.

This speech was different. He just seems so. . . Presidential. He talked about w he came from. He talked about how and why he understands the struggle of every day Americans. He talked about Education But then he started that part of his speech w he talks about what everyone else is saying about him. And he started off with John McCain. John McCain made some statements about Barack this morning in regards to his (BarackÂ's) stance on Iraq. It was awesome to actually witness his first response to an attack. It was presedential.He accepted the criticism with humor, he rebutted it
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