Dredd 2012 Replica Armor Armour Parts - costume cosplay prop

Replica Dredd (2012) Armor Kit - cast from movie used suit The armor molds were cast from the movie-used background "Judge Grifin" costume vest, won at the Propstore of London auction back in February 2013.
This auction is for a complete set of plastic armor plates (12 plates total), replicating the look of the vests from the 2012 DREDD Movie.
This is a kit. It will be up to you to "fit, finish, and sew" the armor parts to your cloth vest. Expect 6-10 hours of work.
The armor kit is made from .060 ABS plastic. The same thickness of plastic used on the hero movie suits. , � The texture on the surface of the plastic is the UK used 'pinseal' texture , as used on the movies. �

This auction includes: 4 x Chest plates 4 x Back plates 2 x Left Shoulder plates 2 x Right Shoulder plates Each kit is handmade and I will require up-to 10 days to vacform and trim.
Please note this is fan made and has no connection with the DNA Films, the Dredd 2012 movie, or 2000AD
Please feel free to ask me any questionsThanks.