Dresden Meissen Unterweissbach Ballerina with Lace

This beautiful item is a collector's dream! Crafted in the Dresden Meissen region of Germany by the Unterweissbach Manufactory, the detail on this is magnificent - from the graceful extension of her arms and single leg, to the gentle confident tilt of her head. The neckline is even embellished with the most delicate painted detail in puce, and the edge of her graceful porcelain tutu is even further heightened with palest of pinks. This delicate porcelain lace, which is created by dipping actual lace in porcelain slip, and firing it with the item, leaving the beautiful and coveted porcelain lace, has sadly suffered a bit of damage at the edge, as is common with figures such as this. Also, her index finger too is gone, but is barely noticeable, and mentioned more for completeness. She is even signed by the director of the factory during the period, LT Steiner. Add this rare gem to your collection today!