Dresden Meissen Unterweissbach Unter Weiss Bach Figure

This is one of the nicest pair of Watteau style lovers I've ever seen from the Unterweissbach factory in the Dresden Meissen area of Germany. Beautifully picked out in details of rust, emerald green, and chocolate, this piece has the lady dressed in the finest porcelain lace. This lace is made by immersing real lace in porcelain slip, and styling on the figure while wet, and then fired, leaving the porcelain lace. The lady has a basket of the finest, most intricate flowers and berries. Tucked in and among the grass are beautiful hand formed blooming flowers and ferns (one may be missing at the far right..hard to tell). A tiny lamb has even curled up under the lady's feet. The lace and all details are mint condition, even down to the embossed gilt border at the base. This still retains the store sticker indicating the retail of $400. Since these are still produced today, it is hard to determine exactly when this was produced, but I would assume this to be post World War II. Measuring 4.5 x 3 x 5" high, this is rare to find this figural group in perfect condition! Make sure you are the winner for them! I have the best of experience in shipping pieces like this, and will have other exceptional pieces like this for sale soon.