Drip Tip Tangerine Kennedy 24 / v2 Goon rda Atomizer custom acrylic chuff

Chuff Art

The highest quality hand made acrylic chuff tips for vaporizer tanks and mods!

Benefits of a Chuff Art tip:

Made from the highest quality acrylics

Crafted from a single piece/no glued parts

Superior o-ring seal

Stays cool


Standard colors have translucent, transparent, and opaque colors. Premium colors can have translucent, transparent, opaque, metallic colors or special mixes. Pictures do not show the true beauty of how these tips reflect and refract iridescence when they are turned in the light. Because each piece is hand made, some pieces and colors may only be available one time. I can also do special orders: please ask if you see a shape you like but want it in another color, or want a special design.

These tips are designed for the Kennedy 24 and Kennedy v2 Clone Cloud RDA atomizer. They also fit the Goon rda. Pictures show hand made acrylic tip installed on a Kennedy v2 rda - Kennedy rda NOT INCLUDED . Hand crafted with the highest standards in Houston, U.S.A.

This auction:

Tip design: wide bore tip/ Straight-a-way

Measures: about 3/4 of an inch (15mm) tall

Color: Standard/ Iridescent Tangerine

Pictures are stock photos for buy-it-now listings - you will get the same colors, swirls and figure will
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