droste cocoa tin, droste's cocoa, 7 sizes, boy and girl

Pricing & History

I have for sale my collection of Droste's cocoa tin's with the boy and girl sitting on bench. They are in various conditions. The smallest is 1/4 oz. close to perfect condition and still full , it says free sample on the side. The next is 2 oz. and says sample not to be sold, this one is only in average condition with some paint wear and a dent towards the bottom of one corner( it is the only one of this size that i have found). The next is a 4 oz. in overall nice condition with a few small paint flecks missing. The next one is 8oz. nice condition with some wear and dings but very presentable. The next is an extremely nice 1 lb. in excellent condition with cocoa still in it, it has a big paint chip on lid about 5/8 inch long. The next is 2 lb. once again the only one of this size i have found, decent condition however t is paint loss on every corner. The last is the 5lb. size ,it has nice color but it has some light surface spots, far from perfect but still very presentable and nice looking. Buyer to pay actual shipping and insurance costs, thanks.