Rare drum machine samples retro akai roland TR-808 wave

XV Audio Systems "Retro Sounds Series" Drum Machine Samples
Professionally produced multi-sampled collection available on DVD
The ultimate vintage rare drum machine sample collection for producers, artists and drummers including retro machines and kits by Salton, Akai, Sequential Circuits, Univox, Sony, Vermona, Visco Space Drum, Watford Electronics, Wutlitzer, Sakata, Panaspnic, Pearl, Mattel, MTI, MXR, Lel Fricke, GEM, Acetone and more (see below)
Each kit listed below is multi-sampled and contains all note numbers and accurate samples produced on original equipment via ProTools

> to hear mp3

> to hear the entire song (8 minute mp3 about 7 mb file )

Akai_MPC2500 Akai_XE8 Akai_XR-10 Alesis_DM5 Alesis_HR16A Alesis_HR16B Alesis_SR-18 Alesis_SR16 Akai_MPC1000 Akai_MPC2000 Acetone_Rhythm Acetone_Rhythm-King Acetone_Rhythm-Master Atlantex_MPC-1 Austin_ARB-6 Boss_DR-110 Boss_DR-202 Boss_DR-220A Boss_DR-220E Boss_DR-5 Boss_DR-55 Boss_DR-550 Boss_DR-550_MK2 Boss_DR-660 Boss_DR-770 Boss_DR-880 Boss_DR-Pad_DRP-I Boss_DR-Pad_DRP-II Boss_DR-Pad_DRP-III Boss_PC-2 Boss_PS-2 Boss_SP-505 BME_Rattlesnake_Parametric-Percussion-System Casio_CZ-230S Casio_MA-101 Casio_MT-100 Casio_MT-18 Casio_MT-500 Casio_MT-800 Casio_Rapman Casio_Rapman-II Casio_RZ1 Casio_SK1 Cheetah_MD16 Cheetah_SpecDrum Clavia_Micro-Modular
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