Druzy Covered YOUNGITE AGATE Specimens 1 pound 5 ounces

Photos don't show the diamond like DRUZY on these pieces of Youngite! STUNNING!! One photo shows a little but nothing like what you see in person. The $20 bill in only to show size - not included in the auction. ;-)
A recent auction for a piece about 1 1/2 pounds sold for $45!
You can get a great deal here for these 2 pieces.
You are bidding on 2 pieces of Youngite that total 1 pound 5 ounces of Youngite
Here are 2 great natural pieces of YOUNGITE from Wyoming. This material is very scarce now, as the BLM have stopped collecting in the caves in which it is found.
The colors are a peach and pink jasper floating in the translucent Agate covered with small druzy crystals all around the outside. Youngite is considered a Jasper/Agate.
• Youngite specimens •

Youngite is an agatized brecciated jasper with a grayish translucent druzy quartz usually around the outer part of the material. The drusy quartz usually fluoresces green. The jasper center varies in color from a light tan, to a pretty peach, brown, reddish, salmon and variations of these colors. The material is very hard and is used in making gemstones such as beads and cabochons. Rare. Youngite is a variety of quartz. Hardness 7.

The jasper center of this material is called brecciated due to its angular fragmentation. It is
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