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***Posh Wash on Tour 2010***

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DVD(s) Synopsis: The boys in yellow and black are back, The PoshWash on Tour 2010 proudly brought to you by D.T Videos. This DVD follows the Posh Wash banger team on their travels in 2010 causing complete carnage and mayhem throughout, this DVD is much a case of quality over quantity with 7 action packed meetings the team has attended in 2010. The venues on this DVD include Standlake Arena, Mendips, Ringwood Cheetahs, Aldershot, Smeatharpe, Ringwood and Ipswich. This DVD has many highlights which include 133 Werzal’s monster T-Bone on the 296 limo at Heavy metal classic, Werzal again in fine form at Thunderbolt with massive hits on 136 Paddy and 190 Pikey. The Wyatt Brothers in a Midnight Runners wrecking train at the same event, 199 Bona on the receiving end of a stiff roof bender off 252 Boogie at Cheetahs, 228 Capstar’s rated blitz on 731 Dyer at the Bazza Memorial, 298 Showman’s blitzing of 901 at Smeatharpe World Final & Werzal being destroyed by 714 No Show, 231 Stu Dunns one man stand against the SSS at Ringwood’s van meeting plus the titanic wrecking train at Ipswich with 298 Showman ending perched up vertically in an epic auto sculpture & 199 Bona exchanging hits with the Runners. This DVD includes opening and closing sequences tightly edited,
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