Dual 1219 turntable record player

Here is the 2nd dual 1219 turntable i own.
This turntable has the needle and a matching wood cover to the case.
I had a record spinning once on one of these turntables, can't remember which. But at the time i had purchased 2 for restoration. I can no longer take the time to restore this turntable due to the fact that i am unemployed. I don't have the tools or the space to work on it.
So this turntable is being offered in AS-IS condition, can't guarantee anything about it. All i know is that it has the needle, and long spindle for multi-play, aswell as the 45 adapter.
It has the dual audio cable with it aswell.
Terms of sale: Item is in the described condition when packaging, I package to the best of my abilities, Understand that you are getting an item in the described condition, meaning that it is not including more then what i listed with it. (does not include speakers, amp, preamp, or any extra like that)
I don't have the original box, I will disassemble for shipping for a fee of 15$, i am packing to the best of my abilities, understand that this turntable is AS-IS, its being sold as the same as when i received it.