Dual Turntable 1219 1229 Etc Repair Or Rebuilt Exchange

Please use the ebay shipping calculator only as a rough estimate of shipping costs, for a actual quote, please send me your zip code. We love Federal Express.

United Audio / Dual Turntable Repair or Rebuilt Exchange for $99.99 plus return Shipping Costs. You can trade me or I can rebuild yours. Most common model numbers are 1219, 1229, 1229q, 1228, 1215, etc.

All you have to do is send me your turntable base only (see picture as of what to send) and I will exchange it for an identical model that has been rebuilt and completely serviced or rebuild & service yours. This includes only the 12XX models. Please consult with me before bidding concerning your model. Your turntable must be sent to me before I can send you one. Please email before bidding. You do NOT need to send the cabinet, platter, counterweight, cartridge or cartridge clip.

The most common problem with these record players is that the mechanics freeze up and everything stops. The exchange unit will have had the following completed; rebuilding of mechanics, repairing any audio connections, replacing of minor broken parts, and testing. I have rebuilt over 500 of these and have plenty of spare parts.

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