Dublin Hallmark Irish Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

Happy Holidays

This is a wonderful Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Ring in a US size 7 with an inside diameter of 5/8".

It's a great ring in wonderful condition and would make a perfect gift!

It is signed Irish Sterling and it also has 3 hallmarks. The photographs are not wonderful of the hallmarks, so I will try to describe what they look like. The one on the left in the photo looks like a small letter y or an upside down h inside a square with 3 corners cut off. The second hallmark, I am fairly certain is the hallmark for the city of Dublin. The last hallmark....the one that should tell me the date....is a capitol G inside a square with 3 corners cut off! I could not find a referance to this date in my research, so if t are any hallmark experts out t, I would love to hear from you!

Consisting of a crowned heart held in a pair of hands, the symbols signify love, fidelity and friendship, and are the perfect expression of wedding vows.
Often accompanied by the phrase "With these hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my love", the Claddagh ring dates back centuries and is a rich and evocative ring, perfect for expressing your depth of feeling for that special person in your life. As a wedding token, it has no equal, and serves as a constant reminder of the vows taken on your wedding day.

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