Ducks Unlimited Framed Stamps w Gold Stamp!

1999 Ducks Unlimited $5 stamps. One stamp looks to be gold plated and is 2" wide by 1"1/2 tall and says Ducks Unlimited 1999, $5. The stamps are of a Drake and hen Pintail ducks. Their are 4 other Ducks Unlimited $5 stamps that are connected and are in plastic. It is framed and double matted with a wood frame that is painted black. The first matting is white and second is brown. The overall size is 11"1/8 tall X 9"1/8 wide and is in great condition except some minor scratches to the painted frame that could be touched up.I don't know if the one gold stamp is real gold plated but I get the Ducks unlimited catalog every year and theirs federal duck stamp ingots for sale in the fall 06 catalog on page 7 that are stamped from pure silver and are layered in 24k gold and come with a little wooden case that are selling for $149.99 that are the same size and look the same as this gold stamp except for the picture. Like I said I DON"T KNOW FOR SURE if it is layered in real gold or not, But if it is you could get a pretty good deal. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks and Happy Holiday & Bidding!