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A rare incunable leaf from a fragment of the important medieval work Ship of Fools :

Brant, S.

Stultifera navis...

Lyon: Sacon, 6.28, 1488 (recte 1498 [ the first edition was done in 1494]).

The design of this woodcut is ascribed to Albrecht Duerer (1471-1528)

If you google Sebastian Brant and Ship of Fools, you will find that the University of Houston Libraries will provide you with a link that will give scholarly discussions on the attribution of the woodcuts in the book. (I would give you the link, but eBay does not allow that)

A little research on Google to see what dealers are asking for similar Duerer woodcuts from the Ship of Fools will convince you that this would be an excellent chance for you to get a fine art object at a reasonable price.(We have found less desirable, later woodcuts for over $2000 per woodcut).

Bibliographical references: Goff B1093, 16

This leaf stems from an important 15th century satire with many illustrations by Albrecht Duerer. It spawned a veritable flood of "Fool books". .

The following leaf is shown for reference. It is not part of the lot.

Please note: Although the date in the colophon leaf is 1488, it is generally assumed that the printer made a mistake in giving the date. The actual date should be 1498. The literal meaning of the Latin word incunabulum is "infant’s cradle" and alludes to the fact that printing at that time was in its infancy. The fact that a book was printed before 1500 is significant in that its value is much greater than if it had been printed after 1501.

Condition of the leaf: As shown, on hand-made, water-marked paper in good condition with evidence of aging: soiling, staining or spotting, edge and margin flaws, etc. We will mention flaws that cannot be seen on the photographs.

Size of the leaf: ca.: 7.9" x 5.25" (200 mm x 135 mm).

Pictured: Both sides of the leaf and the colophon leaf with the printing date.

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