Dug French military colonial open work button Ribault Relief Expedition 1565

Uncleaned. Early French colonial military button that dates between 1565. The button is from the campsite of Jean Rebault and his expedition force. Note the correct soil-type inclusions.This is an extremely rare button and the last outside of my personal collection that I have for sale.
This is was recovered in the area of Cape Canaveral, Florida by a former colleague with his metal detector.
Approximate size (using micrometer rounded to nearest millimeter):11mm
These early colonial buttons are remnants of the first true colonization efforts of the Europeans and, as such, are really some of the earliest artifacts of a settled American culture. They are RARE and survive in only small numbers, so there is no endless supply of authentic examples.
Note: All excavated items were recovered from private land with permission or public land where metal detecting is legal.
I am a former museum conservator. I collect, clean, and conserve Medieval, First Empire Napoleonic, and early colonial-era button types as a hobby. I have sold many, many buttons - some to museums (see my feedback).
If I am selling a cleaned/conserved button or artifact, then that artifact has been professionally cleanedby me,by hand, usingonlyprescribed museum techniques.This means NO CHEMICALS are used - EVER.
All of the buttons I sell are guaranteed
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