Dug Relics - Indian Wars - Fort McPherson Nebraska

Fort McPherson , Nebraska Territory was established in 1863 by the UnitedStates Government. Its purpose was to be a deterrent for Indian depredations along the Oregon Trail . Numerous historic military expeditions were launched from this fort in pursuit of hostile Indians during the 1860's and 1870's.

These Indian Wars relics are in as-dug condition and have not been cleaned. This group of Fort McPherson relics consists of five 50-70 fired cases, six 50-70 fired bullets, five 45-70 fired cases and six fired 45-70 bullets. I have included a mushroomed example of bo th a 50-70 and a 45-70 slug. These cases and bullets are all damaged in some manner and are true 1860's and 1870's bullets and casings, all are internally primed as the later externally primed casing are not found at this early Indian Wars site.

An interesting side note is how popular the big 50-70 was with Custer and Buffalo Bill Cody: General George Armstrong Custer was particularly fond of the .50-70 for hunting and carried a sporterized Model 1866 with double set triggers and later in 1873, a Remington rolling block sporter. Writing to Remington in 1873 at the conclusion of the Yellowstone Expedition, he tells of taking 41 antelope, 4 buffalo, 4 mule deer, and 3 whitetails with his .50-70 and that the average range of all the antelope taken was 250
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