This is a Vintage Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl in the "Daisy Dear" Pattern, produced by the Dugan Glass Company of Indiana, PA, c. early 1900's.

It measures 7" in diameter across the top.

Daisy Dear is an exterior pattern which appears on the base and around the the lower half of the outside of the bowl. The design shows daisy-like flowers in the center of sprays of leaves, with a daisy covering the base of the bowl. The color is marigold which exhibits lovely random shades of iridescent blue, green, lavender or pink, depending on w it is held to the light.

While I did see some small annealing (straw) marks and two tiny pieces of stray sand from the production mix when I held the bowl to the light, t are no chips, cracks, scratches or cloudiness. The straw marks and sand are not unusual in this old glass and are really inconsequential.