Duke Cigarettes U S Grant Tobacco Card Card Knapp & Co 1888

Tobacco Card. A Short History Gen. US Grant- My understanding is that these were made in the late 1880's by Knapp and Co for the DUKE Cigarette Company. 4 1/8" by 2 1/2" -- Estate find from several years ago.- just ran into it again. It's in beautiful shape -Tiny print smudges on the back with much history.---only defect I can see are a couple of light ink smears on the back that probably date to the printing Auction ends on a Monday evening. If that will be inconvenient, you might want to bid now. 2.00 postage. . - There's a 14 day return if not as advertised.- Ship within 2 business days of payment. . Be glad to answer any questions. . . - paypal please