Dungeons & Dragons Forbidden Forest Expansion Pack D&D

Dungeons & Dragons Expansion Pack Forbidden Forest - Brand New In Box

For use with the Fantasy Adventure Board Game by (Hasbro/Parker)

Enter the wilderness of new adventures, new figures and new playing fields. Expand the basic game and takes players further into the world of monsters, fantastical creatures and heroes. Dark powers lurk in the Forbidden Forest, and the Druid hero Orwick joins the party to reestablish the peace of the forests.

Players from the first core game have to join forces with an old friend, Orwick, to find and defeat Orwick's druid brother-gone-evil Elwick and the Yuan-Ti, a race of snake-men in the Forest. Includes:

2 Druid figures, Elwick and Orwick (playable as characters in some quests, Elwick can be controlled by the Dungeon Master in some quests) 2 new gameboards (forest theme) 10 new monsters (Yuan-ti, Owlbears, Shambling mounds and Razor Boars) 6 new quests New types of moves, Charging and Grasp and Hold. Other new objects (Bushes, a Charge die, three artefacts that can be put on Elwick, and new item cards)

Contents - 2 double sided gameboards, 1 druid hero figure, 1 evil druid figure, 10 monster figures, 2 hero tokens, 2 trap door tokens, 47 cards, 2 hero boards, 1 charge die and adventure book.

2-5 players, ages 10+

Brand New & Unopened
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