dungeons and dragons miniatures legendary evils 24 piece lot!

here we have a 24 piece lot of dungeons and dragons miniatures: legendary evils minis. i recently opened these myself, they are fresh out of the package! most are still in their plastic bags. these have never been played with.
goristro (no card)
balor (card only)
elder green dragon
frost titan
slaad spawn x 2
earth archon rumbler
salamander firetail
foulspwn weer
barghest savager
rimefire griffon
minotaur thug x 2
sivak draconian
foulspawn mangler
duegar guard x 2
scarecrow stalker
goblin cutter x 2
adult brown dragon
yochlol tempter
djinn stormsword
US buyers only, please.
please wait for an invoice before paying, so i can get an accurate shipping cost.
i will combine shipping for anyone that wins multiple auctions.