This is an intriguing Dunhill as the "D" on the word Dunhill has tails which indicates it's as old as 1914. However, the patent number is all but gone. With a magnifying glass, I can tell that there is a patent number but cannot make it out. Nevertheless, all signs point to an early Patent Prince! There's also an "A" off to the left which indicates an early Bruyere, and the shape code 313 is legible. Additionally, there is no white dot on the stem. This either means it's a really good replacement or it's the original prior to the white spot being introduced. It's definitely vulcanite and restored as such; super oxidized turned to shiny mirror finish black! A beautiful old pipe that has years of smoking left in her. Passes a cleaner with ease and comes in at a super light weight of 25 grams. They just don't make them like they used too!
Nomenclature: DUNHILL over LONDON, A, PATENT No.********, 313
Dimensions: 5 3/4" Long, 1 1/4" Tall, 3/4" Chamber W, 1 1/8" Chamber D, 25 grams
Condition: Rim darkening, some pitting on the rim, one burnt edge slightly out of round, one small mark where the shank starts, light cake. Overall very nice for being 100 years old.
10 DAY NO RESERVE AUCTION! Driftwood not included. and

After more research, this pipe is a 1918.