Dunhill Rollagas gold-plated vintage gas lighter

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The Dunhill Rollagas is widely regarded as the Rolls Royceof lighters and was commonly used by James Bond, no less! They are precision built, weighty in the hand and a joy to use.

About this lighter

The lighter I’m selling is a family heirloom and hasn’t been used for at least 10 years! I’ve put gas in but there is still no flame. It may need a new flint or other component – I’m no expert here – but either way it could do with a service. As it stands, I’m selling it as non-working.

Cosmetically, it’s in excellent condition with no major damage. The lid snaps shut, just as it should. The finish is gold-plated. I think it’s 18ct but couldn’t be certain of this. It certainly appears to be a thick plate, though. I’m unsure of the age but estimate it to be from around the 1970s.

Markings on this lighter include, ‘Made in Switzerland’, ‘Dunhill’ and a ‘US. RE24163 Patented’ number on the base. There’s also a Dunhill logo on the inside of the lid.

Postage is by recorded delivery.

No reserve so grab yourself an iconic bargain!