Dunlop Roadracing Patch- Large Flying D - Made from Roadracing Leathers

One-of-a-kind, handmade leather Dunlop "Flying D" logo. Made from four pieces of leather: Black D on yellow leather circle, red leather arrow and trailing wings, white leather backing.

Sewn by a maker of roadracing leathers for a Dunlop tire crew serving the motorcycle roadracing circuit, circa 1989-1993.

13 inches from tip of wing to tip of wing, approximately 13 inches from wing tip to arrow point. Slightly over 11-1/4 inches from arrow tip to edge of red circle.

If you have Dunlop as a sponsor, this would be a great addition to your roadrace effort. Also, terrific for enthusiasts and collectors of racing memoribilia. Would look great framed for a present or hanging on the wall of the race shop garage!