NEW Durable Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope and 12 Medical Doctor's


12-piece kids doctor set includes heavy-duty carrying caseBattery-operated stethoscope makes real heartbeat sounds (battery included) Realistic cell phone with included batteries makes sounds Sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic instruments For little doctors ages 3 and up


Kids love nothing more than to explore adult careers through play. At some point, every kid wants to be a doctor, healing patients and checking heartbeats and blood pressure. The Kidzlane Deluxe Doctor Kit is the perfect complement to your child's pretend doctor's office playtime.

The 12-piece kit includes an electronic stethoscope that delivers real heartbeat and blood pressure sounds, and a realistic cell phone that makes sounds for those times when the doctor has to be on call. Also included in this Dr. kit for kids is a blood pressure cuff with real band, thermometer, syringe, ear and eye examination tools, a mallet for testing reflexes, pretend glasses, two bandages and more.

With everything you could ask for in a doctor set for kids, the Kidzlane Deluxe Doctor Kit will provide hours and hours of enjoyment for your child. The sturdy plastic carrying case makes it easy to keep everything organized, and you can quickly put it away when your child is done playing. The tools are made of sturdy, easy-to-clean
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