From a Dutch collection, is this landscapedrawing, showing an interesting detail.
The drawing, executed in pen, ink and grey wash on laid watermarked paper, depicts a hilly landscape with a farmhouse left and a castletower right. A man is taking a nap under a tree. The interesting aspect is the scene right, where a man is taking care of his vineyard (we situate this drawing in South East Holland, now the province of Limburg).
Authorship : the drawing is from the Dutch school, attributed to Paulus van Liender.
PAULUS VAN LIENDER (Utrecht 1731 - Utrecht 1797) : Dutch draftsman and engraver. Unlike many Dutch artists of the 1700s who remained attached to a style they developed at the outset of their career, Paulus van Liender's art continually evolved. His earliest works were traditional topographic views but by the 1780s he was producing distinctive forest interiors.
The scion of an artistic family, Van Liender trained initially with his uncle Jacobus, an enthusiastic amateur draftsman. Around 1750, he moved from Utrecht to Amsterdam where he apprenticed in a merchant's office and took lessons in topographic drawing. With a fellow student, Jan de Beyer, Van Liender created a series of topographic views (collectors soon sought out his drawings and engravings).
In addition to developing a successful career as
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