DVD 106 Golden Age Comics Series

Dell Comics

Golden Age Comics Series vol. 5 of 21

(Dell Comics) The Funnies (Dell Comics) Crackajack Comics (Dell Comics) Popular Comics

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RARE Golden Age Comics Collection in a DVD! PRESERVED FOREVER - Digitally Restored & Remastered! Archival high quality scans! AFFORDABLE - Actual collectible physical copies cost thousands if not six figures! PERFECT Reading Experience - Read it on tablet PC e.g. iPad! (Not viewable in normal DVD Players) EASY - Comics are sorted in folders by titles and publishers All comic titles are unique with no repeats.

Dell Comics was the comic book publishing arm of Dell Publishing, which got its start in pulp magazines . It published comics from 1929 to 1973. At its peak, it was the most prominent and successful American company in the medium. In 1953 Dell claimed to be the world's largest comics publisher, selling 26 million copies each month.

*DETAILED LISTING AS PER BELOW (Dell Comics) Crackajack Comics Crackajack_Funnies_003.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_005.cbz Crackajack_Funnies_014.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_017-incomplete.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_023.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_028-damaged.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_029.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_030.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_032.cbr Crackajack_Funnies_033_Fiche.
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