DVH! Fluorescent GREEN Willemite & Calcite STONE BEAD!

DVH! Fluorescent GREEN Willemite & Calcite STONE BEAD! Description 99 CENT AUCTION with NO RESERVE!!!

This is a really nice, freeform, satin finish, minerealogically FABULOUS, one of a kind, bead! Measures 31x17mm with a 11mm drill hole for easy stringing or wearing on a cord or cable. Satinny, natural, matte finish on the stone. The Brown material is called Brown Willemite, (fluorescent green). This type of Willemite was originally called Troostite. The black material is Franklinite (non fluorescent). This mineral is a common ore of zinc in the Franklin New Jersey area but is exceedingly rare elsew The white material is calcite. (fluorescent red-orange). T are some small, healed fractures in the calcite but they're not really visible and don't threaten the structural integrity of the stone. The combination of these t minerals is called "cookie dough ore" except this specimen is mostly chocolate chips!

This mineral will fluoresce under short and long wave ultaviolet light.

This close up picture was taken using a short wave light which causes a more intense fluorescence. The fluorescence is caused by the light stimulating atoms in the mineral. It is not dangerous at all (I've had people insist that because the material is from Jersey that the fluorescence must be caused by toxic waste.....oh, PuhhhhhLease...

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Ecclesiastes 3:5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

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